Refused and Ink & Dagger London 1997 Photos

Head on over to our Facebook page and check out this photo album from the infamous Refused and Ink & Dagger London show, at The Red Eye in 1997.

Rob Collins recently unearthed these photos in his personal archive. Rob’s band, Imbalance, opened the show. He quipped “It’s the show that Kerrang! always vote as the greatest gig ever but fail to mention that we were the only band that finished their set!”

This concise collection was shot on film. This was long before the days of digital cameras and much less camera phones. For context, a digital camera in that era would have cost you $20,000.

Check out the gallery, we promise you’ll have a bone to pick with capitalism (and a few to break), and be sure to like The Toilet Circuit Facebook page while you’re there.

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