Do you recognise the presenter from Grilling In The Name Of?

Not to be confused with the quasi popular meme of the same name, Grilling In The Name Of is a new cookery segment, from the show Tube Screamer on cable rock channel Scuzz TV.

Following the familiar format of eat and greets, a musician cooks one of their favourite dishes whilst talking shop.
Although you might not be avidly taking notes as The Dropkick Murphys knock up some bacon and cabbage, the host, Luca, might be familiar to The Toilet Circuit brethren.

You might remember Luca from the Chris Morris inspired metalcore band, Ted Maul, or some older readers might even recognise him from Red Eye house band, As She Screams.
This first episode sees him cook up bully beef and rice with Benji from Skindred (or Dub War, as they used to be known).
What do you think, does it make the cut, or will the show face the chop? Comment below, even if it’s with food band puns.

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