Amateur Pics Wanted

And this isn’t as seedy as it sounds… One of the things I’d like to achieve with all *this* is to try to build a community of people who have fond memories of the time, or an interest to find out more.

This quote is especially pertinent:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

I can’t remember who first said that – maybe Duggan from Love That Kills?

The point still stands – there’s a lot a photo can say and a lot of emotion it can provoke*, especially about music – so, if you have any snaps from ‘back in the day’ that you’d like to reach a wider audience**, get in touch and we’ll share them here and on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

You’ll get all the credit, of course.

*Normally ‘look at the size of those sideburns’ or ‘doesn’t so and so look odd without sleeves’ in my case.

**At the time of writing, the Facebook page has no likes. See:

Nobody likes The Toilet Circuit Facebook page yet

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