Cartoon of Martin Ives, drawn by Lee Healy

Well done, you've successfully managed to negotiate the U bend and made it here!

Welcome to The Toilet Circuit.

I used to be Martin Ives. I also used to be Martin from Labrat, Martin from Charger, Martin from This Is Menace and finally Martin from Calculated Risk Products. Now I'll be your host for this podcast.
​Here's what you can expect from The Toilet Circuit - ​

On the first Thursday of every month we'll be speaking to people involved with the heavy music scene at the turn of the century and beyond. It might be people from bands, label owners, promoters, or even fans. Basically people with a story to tell, not a product to sell.

So be sure to hit subscribe on your podcasting software of choice to make sure you're regular, and never miss a show. A show that promises to be noughties but nice.
That's the slogan right there. In a bit.